Teaching Teachers for the Future

About our role

Digital Learning Futures are contracted to the University of Southern Queensland to assist lecturers to plan-in ICT pedagogy into all courses. As part of a national project for all universities, USQ will to ensure graduating students have ICT Pedagogy experience and knowledge, sufficient to meet the national dimensions for ICT Pedagogy embedded in the national standards for graduating teachers.

Using the TPACK model (Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge), and the ICT National dimensions, the project involves

Development of a holistic auditing tool which identifies where ICT pedagogy is built into course work and where preservice teachers have opportunity to demonstrate the national dimensions

An audit of 5 target literacy and numeracy courses

An audit/partial audit of the whole program

An action Learning model for developing ICT content into the target courses if necessary

Using the Most Significant Change Research methodology, the project involves

Investigating the impact of changing coursework on preservice teachers learning

Investigating if the professional development and course development model is sustainable

Developing a long term university plan and policy to ensure all courses provide preservice teachers with knowledge and skills in ICT pedagogy.

The project also involves

Trialling the ICT dimensions

Trialling the national exemplar resource kits

Participating in a national network of ICT Project Officers

Assisting with data collection for evaluation and research

Developing resources for the project to share

We using our company website to share resources with USQ staff and fellow ICTPOs.

Our interests

We are particularly interested in

How authentic assessment strategies can enable Pre-service teachers to demonstrate their ICT Pedagogy knowledge and skills

Powerful use of ICTs in English, language development and literacy including creative ways of thinking about multimodal texts and new literacies

How ICT can connect students with a forward thinking interpretation of the National Curriculum (Mathematics)



The project's Working Files with dimensions described and lists  - scroll to the bottom of the page

Assessment ideas in USQ resources Authentic assessment

 Computer Games and Literacy - excellent references to games and why they are educationally useful as a new text for students to analyse, experience  and compose. Wikki Spaces is generally a very useful educational resource.  http://gamesined.wikispaces.com/English