Online Scams

Outstation life

When remote and online, it is too easy to fall victim to scammers. Things sent to you seem too good to be true. Most scamms come through your email address so be careful who has your address. Check to see you have a scamming filter on your email. This gets most 'junk mail" filtered out before you get it.
especially the videos
Check here if you are not sure something you have been sent is a scam. 

Key messages:

  1. Watch out for all sorts of scams including fake online pharmacies, get rick quick schemes, romance scams, free offers on the internet and lottery wins.
  2. Free credits on Gambling sites are rarely free or useful.
  3.  People may approach you online to share bank account details or give you money you did not expect. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Think before you sign up for anything or share information.
  5. Do not do chain letters (emails) where you are expected to mail something onto several other people for good luck or to earn points or money.
  6. Be careful when people you do not know chat you up online, quickly fall in love with you and then ask for money to come and visit you. Similarly people with sick children/mothers etc asking for your donation.
  7. Be careful that you recognise a phishing ad on a screen and what is an ad and what is real content. (eg flashing ads to get your attention). Watch out for "Click here".


  •  Emails saying you have won lotteries you did not enter, especially Overseas ones.
  • When trying to sell something online people approach you willing to buy sight unseen if you give them bank account details - will use both email and text messages.
  • Emails which appear to come from your bank (or paypal or equivalent) asking you to confirm details - banks will not send you email like this.
  • Ring tone and message system scams on your phone. Free text message services are usually not free and you won't suddenly win prizes.