ICT Course Review Sheet


 This easy to use Preservice Teacher course review sheet asks reviewers to identify the optimal use of ICT to suit the nature of the course then review the course content and assessment for the current level of ICT use.

It is a holistic review tool looking at three dimensions of the course:

  • The degree to which iCT is used to develop an understanding of the concepts of the course;
  • the degree to which ICT is used to deliver the course and assess the students;
  • how explicit  the choice of ICT pedagogy is made.

This last dimension is considered important in teacher education courses as preservice teachers will have to make strong choices of ICT from the myriad of applications available. The sheet comes with instructions for use and should take about10-15 minutes to complete for someone who knows the course well. The document is available in our document store at the link below. Scroll down to TTF resources. The Microsoft Word (.doc ) document is the third item in the list.

ICT Course Review Sheet