Geocaching Trail

 In 2016, we are going to work with folks from WA's remote desert Comunities of the Central Desert to build some Geocaches. We will use this gallery to tell the story of Geocaches we found on our journey and ones we helped to build.

Geocaching is a world wide game, where people hide small containers in Interesting places to share stories of the area or community. Clues are left on a Geocaching website, along with information, hints and tips.  People search for Geocaches in an area, follow the clues and then log the find on the web site. On mobile devices, there is an App for that of course. On larger caches, folks fill a  box  with gifts - and it is traditional for finders  to put something into the box and take something out. It's great fun for people finding caches. It's also fun for people for people to make a cache for others to learn about their community through local eyes.

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