Friendly apps

Important news

We make suggestions here that will be Activ8 friendly. They will not require large downloads and will help you share your data credit. They are safe and suitable for people of all ages. They are free to download.

Note free apps often contain advertisements. Don't fall for the "tap here to buy" options or the "You have one urgent message" notice etc. Work out where ads are and avoid tapping there, no matter how tempting.

Some apps (especially graphics and games apps) keep pestering you to tap to buy extra effects or offer the effects free for a short time. Avoid tapping. Learn the app really well before committing to get extras.

To download an app, search for it in the App store on i-devices or the Play store on Androids. If an app for I-devices is not available for Android, there will be an equivalent.


Virtual Village Games are fun and you can play them on your own without other people - search your store for Hay Day and Triple Town.

Puzzle games like  2048 are terrific fun and popular at the moment.

Flow is another terrific game.

You can also play Facebook Games. You play with other people who help you go through levels.  Bubble Witch, Farmville, and Candy Crush - see what your freinds play, and join in their games.


Photos and image fun

It's great your device has an inbuilt camera - have you had fun by making specal effects and by improving the quality of your photos. Combine photos and sort them into groups with the following apps. Great fun offline, once your app is downloaded.
The standard Photos app on all devices. Contains an edit button to let you rotate, remove red eye, crop and enhance. You can sort photos into albums and share photos.
Instagram Free. Great app for making fun collages, decorating photos and enhancing images. Some Instragram apps improve the photos before you take them.
Photo Booth. Great fun app to create all their weird faces photos.
PE Fotir - More sophisticated photo effects and collages. Great pictures once you master the app. You'll love it.
Photo Editor by Avery - very nice app with great effects and edits possible.
Photo Collage - tends to annoy you with ads for getting more limited time free effects, but still useful.
Captions - lets you write on your photos and draw fun speech bubbles.
Draw on Slides - lets you draw on photos with your fingers.

Panorama makers

A panorama is a wide photo made by stitching lots of photos together - great for big landscape pictures. Some panoramas can twist around with a finger movement.
  Photo: Lake Emma, Lakefield National Park
Photosynth - free - does good job of stitching. It has a grid to help you keep the image level, makes a moving pano in the app, and stores flat image in Camera Roll. Can't crop image in the app to rid of rough images, but you can edit the image in the Photos app. 
360 panorama - okay, free but a bit difficult to manage. Cropping images difficult.
Autostitch -this one is not free. it costs $2 USD, but it is an excellent app for that more proefessional result in a hurry.

Video editors

Splice - fantastic app letting you make neat videos which compile photos, videos along with opening and closing credits and transitions. Really neat.
Animation Lite - quite sophisticated and would take a little knowledge of animation building.

Playing games offline

Some games you can download and play by yourself or against computer components and others you need to play online with other people. For example, most Facebook games require you to be online often to play.
Look for these games in the app stores. Make sure they are free before you download them
Card games
All your favorites - Solitaire, Free Cell, Spider. Try Pyramid
You can play Blackjack Free to practice your strategies offline under various rules.
Angry Birds - people love this addictive game. There are many free versions t try.
Other games to play by yourself offline
Just Sudoku
Or your favourite game ( Eg: Majong)
Children enjoy
Karate Kid
Hungry Shark
Stick Cricket
World Cup fever ( Cricket) (need to be online to pay this)

Childrens' apps

We have played with some of these. There are thousands of educational apps for children of all ages. These are just a sample of those recommended to us and by us. Each name behind the heading is the name of an app. Search for them in the app store etc.

Language - Spelling City, Boggle, Word Magic, Spell Animals, Word Bingo

Maths- Mathletics Student, Maths with springbird, Hungry Fish, Solving Maths, Jungle Time, Math Quest, Bee-Bot, MoneyMindAU, SqueeblesTT, Mathfacts
Reading stories- Toy story readalong, Read me stories - download a free book every day
Reading - Phonics P1 - highly recommended - iphone only not tablet
Creating stories - Puppet pal, Snowflation, Sock Puppets, Story ideas, Lego Movie
Problem solving - Cut the Rope, Where's my Water
Researching online   - MySratchWork. Enables students to take notes off the web while browsing without swopping screens constantly.
This is a great web site for families looking for ipad educational apps.

Other interesting things to use

Weather - there are free weather apps but you will get more information using a web browser to look at the BOM site. (Bureau of Meterology).
Google Maps
Google Earth
E Bay
Watch the stars above you with Skyview - Skyview is great (Use the iPad or iPhone as a telescope and gives data on planets, stars, comets and satellites). Starwalk and Night Sky are two others recommended to us.
Bad Robot Movie "Action Movie FX" is fun (for a while) and first two effects are free.
Your bank may have an App to help Internet banking be easy.