Conrad Michael

Conrad Michael

We commissioned Conrad Michael to develop some web site graphics for us to use. We wanted to support new Indigenous artists and people whose work we valued.

We have entered into formal contract with Conrad for electronic use of a particular piece of artwork for our website and business graphics. We have paid Conrad for his work.

Conrad Michael is an artist from the Cooktown area. For many years, he helped his wife paint - she is the long standing award winning artist Helen Gordon. Helen and Conrad have had a range of exhibitions and between them have won awards from the Cooktown area.

Conrad regularly shows his work at Nature's Powerhouse Cooktown and Hopevale Art Centre. You can often visit Conrad at the Cooktown markets. He has recently sold his artwork through a Melbourne Gallery.

Born: 1958, Cooktown
Clan Group: Balngarr
Language: Guugu Yimithirr
Inspiration: Stories of my country